Foodie Bundle


Lucy's Red Hot CBD Chili Oil

Organic Garlic Extract & Organic Red Hot Chili Pepper Extract 30,000-40,000 Scoville H.U. (Extracted with heat and pressure-no alcohol or chemicals.

Simply High Extracts Extra Light CBD Olive Oil

Our extra light CBD olive oil is one of a kind. Made specifically for high heat recipes, it can be used to fry and sauté, but still light enough to drizzle on top of a salad without losing its potency. This is an olive oil in its purest form ready to be used in any recipe requiring oil. Comes with a custom teaspoons & mixing spoon for accurate dosing.


Foodie Bundle

  • Lucy’s Red Hot CBD Chili Oil | 450mg CBD
  • CBD Extra Light Olive Oil | 100mg CBD

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Weight1 lbs

Lucy's Red Hot CBD Chili Oil



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